About Us

About Us

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GT Energy is a leading international company that specialises in the harnessing of deep geothermal energy for the production of heat and electricity, in Ireland, and the United Kingdom.

GT Energy is recognised as a leading presence in the geothermal energy sector and aims to be the UK’s leading generator of low carbon renewable heat from geothermal resources. Geothermal is an energy source that will make a lasting contribution to fuel poverty, climate change and energy security.

GT Energy completed the first deep geothermal exploration project in Ireland by drilling two deep boreholes along the margin of the Dublin Basin. It was a huge success, proving the existence of previously unidentified geothermal resources in this area.

GT Energy is committed to working with local communities and is keen to know what you think about the proposals.

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We welcome your views on the proposed geothermal heat generation and community energy scheme proposed for Manchester.

You can provide your views directly through our Feedback Form

Alternatively you can contact us at: info@gtenergy.net

GT Energy
1 Northumberland Ave
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Your views are important to us.

Your feedback will play an important role in helping us meet the needs of the local community.

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